Augmenting Education and Training

Opaque Space is working with international partners to develop new technology platforms to change the way we teach people. From simple introductions to our solar system to complex depictions of Low-Earth Orbit operations and emergency first-responses, Opaque Space will be debuting a range of content items starting September 2017 in conjunction with its hardware partners.  

Opaque Space will be engaging with both domestic and international educational institutions, agencies as well as museums to develop new content experiences that take full advantage of collaborative, untethered and free-roam Virtual Reality platforms.

The first of these platforms is Earthlight: Lunar Mission, developed for the Alice Space Platform in partnership with Noitom International. 


Substantially Lower Setup and Operational Costs

Opaque Space is developing platforms with international partners that give organizations the ability to train, educate or immerse individuals with substantially lower costs in both operations and overheads than any turnkey solution. Lower cost does not translate to lower quality, as Opaque Space is partnered with world-leaders in hardware and software solutions to bring the best technology at the most accessible cost.

Sub-millimeter Tracking with Any Scale, Object or User

The tracking and latency of Opaque Space's partner platforms will ensure that every user and object within a tracking volume is represented at sub-millimeter accuracy, enabling users to even throw and catch real-objects in Virtual Reality. With unprecedented tracking fidelity and quality, this is the cutting edge in merging virtual concepts with real world users. 

Multiple Users and Objects with Infinite Configurations

Collaborative free-roam is enhanced with the ability to track multiple users, multiple objects, in flexible and configurable spaces. Opaque Space is working with partners to ensure that institutions can install and operate their own spaces that suit their needs - from enabling a single user in a small space to enabling dozens in large tracked volumes.

Networked User Operations Across Multiple Devices

From monitoring status of users on smart-devices to enabling remote viewing by networked computers, Opaque Space is enabling operators to setup sophisticated Virtual Reality facilities using off-the-shelf technologies. 

World Class User Analytic Tracking and Performance Review

Working with various agencies, researches and hardware analytic providers, Opaque Space is developing methods of giving users access to how they interact with technology. Data, uninterpreted, is meaningless and Opaque Space is working with partners in establishing metrics that provide insights into collected data. 

Access to Content and Access to Developers

With access to technology comes access to content, support and developers - Opaque Space is working with partners to not only create a library of content for deployment, but also empower institutions and clients to create content suited for their spaces, needs and requirements.