Virtual Reality learning management, made by you.

We give you the tools, you design the outcomes.


The Adaptive Intelligent Virtual Assessor, or AIVA, is a platform of tools designed to bridge the gap between professional training services and emergent technology solutions. Designed with input from leading defense, aerospace and private enterprise companies, AIVA is specifically tailored at empowering instructors, trainers and researchers to efficiently develop their own training programs using Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality solutions. 

More so, AIVA is designed from the ground up to compliment, not replace, existing training systems - to enhance developed training programs and empower professional instructors with the power to augment their own methods. 

AIVA is designed to give you the tools you need to develop training, assessment and evaluation for your own needs.

AIVA is currently in development and will be demonstrated at select events.

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HMD Platform Agnostic

AIVA is designed to function with major commercial VR headsets as well as AR-enabled devices. AIVA is built to function in both seated, room-scale and free-roaming environments.

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Node Based LMS System

AIVA is designed to support non-programmers to access, develop and design their own training systems using VR/AR/MR hardware.

Examples of the Node system can be found here

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xAPI Compliant and Automated

AIVA offers both automated xAPI generation and manual entries, giving you both convenience and control over your training systems.

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Biometric Performance Analysis

From Eye-tracking to EEG integration, AIVA is designed to offer modular integration support for biometric feedback and data curation.

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Haptic Hardware Modules

Support for the integration of periphals and haptic feedback methods, such as gloves or finger tracking.

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Designed to Work with Major Engines

AIVA is developed to support major game and visualization engines, with further API support planned for industry specific engines.

AIVA currently supports Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

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Compare Training Real-Time

AIVA is built to offer instructors and assessors the ability to compare, analyze and overlay training performance; pre,during or post-training.


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Track Skill and Training Outcomes in Real-Time

AIVA empowers trainers and instructors to view their users attempt, resolve and develop data around skills in real-time, helping evaluation and diagnosis as well as iteration on training programs.

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Online and Offline Storage

We recognize that both collaborative and offline secure storage methods are important to trainers - AIVA is designed to support both local and cloud ecosystems for variety of uses.